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So back in the day I used to dive a bit. I went out and bought some pretty nice dive watches, only to have them leak. It was heartbreaking!! I swear, some "dive" watches are not for diving. Anyway in some remote place, sans watch, pre-dive, someone sold me a Momentum back when they were called St Moritz. It was an inexpensive watch, and I figured that it would break, but then I could buy ten of em before it even got as expensive as my previous watch.

It never broke/leaked! Ever!

Anyway, I note that they are having a black friday sale. 20% off. That’s pretty good for this place. ( ) .

So I bought this:

$ 175 – 20%

I can only speak to their quality. These watches run and run under water. If you hate taking off your watch to shower, bath or swim, a Momentum is awesome. Get the metal bracelet.

I was watching some YouTube Reviews to see if I would like their more expensive offerings, an automatic:

Only to discover that nutnfancy has found them too. If that means a thing to you or not.

Like I said – I’ll vouch for quality. I can’t help you if you think they are ugly lol!

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Hello. With the recent tragedy in Texas, my wife and I just applied for a CC permit. Our church has discussed the need for a few "protectors" in our midst, and I’m shopping for a small auto to tuck into the waistband. Perhaps a Sccy. Looking forward to learning a lot from more experienced defenders here.

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