How to Keep Your Home Safe

Home security can be a headache when trying to decipher how to keep your home safe. However, with the advent of new technologies has been of great help in ensuring top notch home security. Home burglaries are the most common threat to homes. For example, in the United States, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds, with the average burglary causing about USD 1500. Bearing in mind that most home burglaries are done by amateurs, it is easy to thwart their efforts by planning ahead, and this means that your home must be burglar proof. This can be achieved through various means which include identifying high risk areas and putting in place sound security measures.

Gates are the primary means a burglar can enter into your house if you are not living in an apartment block that is. Thus, you can prevent intruders from getting onto your property by putting robust fences or gates. It is also advisable to routinely maintain your gates and fences so as to ensure that the structures are strong and have no loopholes which burglars may penetrate. For instance, your gate could have a weak lock or the fence could be damaged by the elements of weather. Thus installing and routinely repairing sturdy gates and fences is one of the ways you can keep your home safe. Solid fences ad walls can be made better through by making the top of the fences rough or thorny or installing trellising on the top. This makes it more difficult for a burglar or an intruder from accessing your home. Check with your jurisdiction as to the legal implications of using barbed wire or broken glass since in some jurisdictions, one might be held liable for subsequent injuries that may arise.

An intruder can enter your home through the door. A way to burglar proof your door is through installing security doors. These are doors of enhanced security that are stronger than your average door. Doors and frames should always in good form and strong. A wooden door can be made stronger by fitting a steel strip and plates on the door frame and around the lock. A sturdy door needs a sturdy hinge. You may choose to fit hinge bolts for extra security. These bolts are a cheap means of reinforcing your door against any outside force. You could install an automatic deadlock on your door. This ensures that your door is locked when closed and one needs a key to open it either from the inside or the outside. This is a simple way of ensuring that your door stays locked and guards against forgetfulness since one may run the risk of forgetting to lock the door and this can be disastrous. To prevent opening your doors to strangers, you may opt to install viewer windows or chain that ensures that before you open a door, you would have already known the identity of the person reducing the risk of a home intrusion.

A third of burglars get in through a window. Make certain that your window has enhanced security features. This includes locks. There are many types of locks that can be used to lock the window. This guarantees that the windows stay shut and no person can access the house through the window. A number of home security shops sell reasonably priced, key-operated locks that fit a majority of windows.

Good lighting can prevent a thief from entering your compound or bring the people’s attention to a thief. The most suitable form of light to use is high-efficiency low-energy lighting that comes on only when it’s dark. There are also motion sensing lights that come on when they sense movement. This can be of use especially to deter burglars or intruders. To ensure that the neighbors do not get bothered by the lights, ensure that that the lights are directed downwards.

Alarm Systems
Alarm systems are a very reliable means of deterring intruders. A well advertised alarm system deters intruders since they know that the property is protected. The downside to this is the fact that they are expensive to buy and maintain and as such may not be in reach for many people.

In conclusion, home security is essential and includes a combination of the above as well as your own intuition and common sense