Stashing Valuables

More people are stashing cash at home these days! Where are they hiding it?

Posted: 09/22/2010

By: JoAnne  Purtan By: JoAnne Purtan

(WXYZ) – The money saving website asked readers to tell them the crazy places they stash valuables, their cash! Some of the more clever hiding spaces… inside a toilet paper roll, inside frozen food. Behind a picture frame, or under a litter box. Also, in the base of a fake plant or inside a tampon box.

Places you may want to avoid… Under the mattress. Apparently thieves still check there. Another bad idea, burying cash in the backyard.

There are of course here’s a couple risks with hiding a lot of cash at home. What  if you hide it so well you forget where it is? Of course, a thief may find it and rip you off. And then there’s the risk you could lose it in a fire or tornado.

Fireproof safes are always a good idea, and so is your local bank. Remember, your money’s insured up to about a quarter million dollars.

Source WXYZ